A Benevolent Investor Joins my Game Dev

Today is my birthday and it comes with some good news. An online friend will officially begin investing money in my game projects. The only downside is that we won’t start with Eternal Eden immediately. We want to test the waters on a realistic sized project before making bigger financial leaps. Finding reliable teammates won’t be a straightforward experience. I’ll serve more as a director and writer while other members will work under my supervision. So, this project should take off quickly. Sadly, I’m not allowed to promote this game until it’s available for sale due to my history of failed release dates. I’ll however say it’s one of my past unfinished projects, so we’re definitely starting on a sound footing.

Eternal Eden isn’t cancelled or anything and I’ll keep you updated.

5 thoughts on “A Benevolent Investor Joins my Game Dev

  1. Awesome news Elder! I look forward to playing your next game, whatever it is, whenever it is released! :)

  2. Congrats on the extra funds! ^_^ But.. uh.. weren’t you getting close to finishing EE? Last I recall, you were aiming for end of the year release. That made it sound like you were just about done. With extra funds to speed things up, wouldn’t EE be a suitable release candidate? >_> Whip up the animations and iron out the bugs and call it a day! Or is this other project even closer to finish?

    I’m kind of hoping extra money doesn’t mean you’ll be making big changes to the EE project again. Wanting to make it bigger and better! Let’s re-do the graphics or optimize the engine or update the sound, etc. xD I’d say just finish up what you have, which is probably already a great game anyway, and focus those funds on new things. ^_^ But what do I know, hehe. Just seems like delaying EE for yet another time, for who knows how long, would be upsetting for lots of people. Tho’ I guess some other cool game to play in the meanwhile might help smooth things over.

    Anyway, good luck with your mystery project! ^_^

  3. I’m really glad to hear that you still work on Eternal Eden and I’m sure with the funds you will get, that you can manage to create a legendary game that will stay in our minds!

    I still remember finding out about Eternal Eden due to a report in a gaming magacine and because it looked interesting and good I decided to download at least the demoversion of the game. After playing some hours the first day I knew, that this would turn out great! So I continued playing the demo for days and hours until this version ended, leaving me totally hyped! Half an hour later I played the full version of the game which I wanted to buy instantly!

    It was a wonderful experience, Elder! You created a great game with a wonderful story, a beautiful soundtrack enwaved in an magic, mystery atmosphere! I really loved it and looked forward to Eternal Eden 2!
    I was reading your blog, spended money for your indigogo campaign and waited a long time hoping for the finished game.
    Years passed by and with every passing year I lost more hope to see the finished game. I lost count on how often you named a releasedate just to break the promised date again and again.

    Yeah, I am a little bit disappointed, but there are always two sides to it. I AM understanding the troubles that you had went through until this point, Elder. And I’m sad that you had that much misfortune. At least, it isn’t your completely fault. Yeah, maybe you made some wrong decisions and have taken some roads that led to failure, but who does’nt? Really, who could say, that there exists a life without wrongdoings, failures and problems? No one could claim that. And no one should claim that!

    Yeah, I said that I was disappointed, but only because Eternal Eden 1 was a great game that gave me wonderful moments and memories. Elder, no one would even care about the delays of the game, if you did’nt a really great job on the first time!

    We all look forward to play a wonderful game designed by your hand again, so please do yourself a favor and think of criticism always on two sides. They all want to share this special game together once again and they all know, that it will be great once it is finished. So stay faithful!

    PS: I just finished Eternal Eden 1 yesterday and I was very grateful buying this game so much years ago. :)

  4. I’m sincerely grateful for your comments, DeathLight, Lurk, and Deanna. Wow, that’s some great memories, DeathLight! It’s nice to know there are still fans behind my back and that’s all I need.

    I’m swamped right now, but I will do my best to come with some news as soon as possible.

  5. Hi there Elder,

    Been secretly keeping up with your updates and reading them once in every few months/years. Keep up the good work, don’t listen to naysayers and take care of personal vices secretly. Rest will fall into place.

    One reason I especially loved your games was the script, being really genuine and having some really profound wise lines(1). No doubt you’re a true oldschool gamer because your leveling system and item dynamic and statistical balance was very well thought out. As well as add-on rarity parts where the player has to go through extra battles and side-quests if they want to max. out and master the game(2). Those were really fun to catch the spirits as well. It reminded me the birds quest you needed to unlock the Tower in Septerra Core, Side-paths in Twinsen’s Odyssey and Battle of Youstrass.

    Please also remember to focus on those two parts!

    Love xx

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