Dying to start 2017

Another year has passed and it’s a good opportunity to have a brief look at what happened during 2016. On the whole, everything’s A-OK!

I have to say up front that it wasn’t a ‘game development’ year per se. It doesn’t mean things didn’t evolve and went backward; I’m keeping sight of my life goal. Always.


Financial support from an oversea friend gave me a mighty chance to hone new skills for my one-man band endeavor. For once, I didn’t have to go hungry and undergo health problem to move forward. I took advantage of the situation and decided to make determined efforts to learn what I dreaded the most: character creation & animation; the last skill required for my game development. Just so you know, the lack of video footage in the past was due to this shortcoming. I needed to fix this problem once and for all.

I learned Blender and 3D arts from scratch. I won’t pretend it hadn’t been a difficult battle to win. It kept me busy for most of 2016. I established set of attitudes to help me go through this, with the firm belief it will reward handsomely in all instances for the rest of my career, not just for one game. In case this part confuses you, my current task is to use 3D to create flat, 2D arts. Eternal Eden remains an old-school pixel-based 2D production. As simple as that. Though, it goes without saying that learning Blender is also laying the groundwork for future 3D development. God, I swear, Playstation VR really did hit home with me. I don’t want to be too late to the party.

In addition to this, I’ve also followed other courses on After Effect, Unreal Engine, Unity.


With this same friend, who’s wearing the hat of investor, we have decided to start another line of games with ‘team-based’ development in mind. My involvement will mostly be building prototypes and directing. We have discussed various project designs for at least four games that can be produced one after another. I’ve got some interesting news, but I promised to keep it under my hat for the moment. We’re gearing up for some exciting things in 2017, which I’m dying to share with you.


I’d like to thank fans for the heads up recently. Reading your comments feels really good. I owe each of you a whole lot.

The long wait became out of proportion. Eternal Eden is bordering on the 10-year anniversary! Oops, time flies. For this reason, I’ve decided to upgrade the initial perk of my Indiegogo campaign to: ‘Life-Time VIP Member’. In order words, every single backers who has backed my campaign or pre-ordered the game via PayPal will be entitled to receive every future releases, editions, etc, free-of-charge, for life. This offer will become very interesting if my venture with the investor become a going concern. I’m confident it will! Got to think positive, right?

Furthermore, I’d like to refund the difference to backers who have contributed more than 20 USD in my campaign. Keep in mind it’s a promise I can fulfill only when things get better financially for me. But it’s definitely the best thing to do to amend for the delays.


I’ve come too far to give up and there’s no point in losing heart. From my experience, we know that some undertakings can take a massive amount of time. If you ever find yourself in a similar enterprise, remember the secret: keep your chin up!

Merry Chrismas, everyone! May yours be exceptional and filled with love, wonder, and joy. See you next year!

4 thoughts on “Dying to start 2017

  1. This last months have been pretty positive. It’s true we had fewer blog posts; but that was because you had less personal issues!
    Let’s say 2016 has been a ‘developer development’ year. You made huge steps towards improving your skills and your working conditions, and that was a prerequisite for your projects to truly come to life.

  2. Hello Elder, i hope you are doing well. I read about the backers and while i could not before i am now in a much better position to do so and would gladly if possible. Let me know. Take care,


  3. I’m so glad things have been looking up for you and you have been able to learn more things and continue working! :)

    Um… you can cross refunding me off your list right now lol. It’s a very generous thought, and I appreciate the gesture, but it is not necessary, at least not for me. I don’t hold the delays against you. All art takes time, and this is your art. It is not as though you have asked for your fans to donate to a new fundraiser every year or anything… it was once. I have never once regretted my decision to contribute to your IndieGoGo, and I never will. Just keep working toward the goal of releasing another game and that is repayment enough for me.

    Merry Christmas a few days early! :)

  4. You do realize that by making ‘your backers’ Life-time VIP members, you will be stuck with us Eternally;-)

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