Story Development + Work with Investor

Eternal Eden is still in development. I’ve devoted a considerable amount of time writing and revising the game scenario. The process is quite long but there’s no doubt to me the story feels richer, better structured and more complete than the 2008 edition. The original game was a 20 hours experience, this one is set to be 50 hours long. Of course, it also includes sequences of the sequel that was never released.

I think it’s worthwhile to mention that I’m paying very particular attention to the game’s mythology and lexicon. For instance, I always felt that ‘Fruits of Wisdom’ lacked originality. In the current edition, it’s changed to ‘Seeds of Sagacythe’. It alludes to the word ‘sagacity’, so it still means something while having an intricate, JRPG-like tone to it. This is the kind of texture you can expect in the remake.

The game greatly take inspiration from Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, Xenogears and some Final Fantasy games.

With the investor, I’m deep in the process of coding the prototype of another game. I’m betting a lot on this project as I believe the core concept is surprisingly promising, and to the best of my knowledge, the idea wasn’t seen before. The goal is quite realistic and we should start recruiting other people during the coming weeks to polish everything. I hope I’ll be allowed to reveal this game during the course of March. It’s something different than anything I’ve done before, so don’t expect a JRPG or a story-driven experience. Just a quick thought, nothing official, I think this game can be a perfect match for the Nintendo Switch, that said if it’s possible to get our hands on a license and a development kit. Fingers crossed.

And that’s it for now. Take care, everyone, and in the meantime have a great time.

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