So Near and yet so Far?

I’ve basically exhausted every self-justification topics concerning Eternal Eden’s absurdly drawn-out development cycle, and to be completely honest, I don’t want to go down that road again during 2017. The subject was beaten to death and my blog sounds like a dull, broken record. Now, I want action.

I agree one hundred percent with negative feedback. The repeated pattern of “broken promises” and “delays” never helped to quell the cries of “Vaporware!”. And, clearly, I don’t seem to have a f*cken clue what “soon” means, lol. I deserve to be the butt of everyone’s jokes. It’s no wonder that my stupidity made a dent in my trustworthiness to most of you. Once again, I hope you can forgive me.

My intentions were always sincere. I’ve burnt the candle at both ends in hope to be able to deliver an outstanding experience, wishing Eternal Eden will become a household name among old-school gamers and the newest generation. There are side-effects that come with such ambitious goals, and one of them is the excessive amount of time it takes to make a polished game from scratch, while learning skills.

I dare to hope it’s not too late to plan my New Year’s Resolutions and get down to business with substantial updates. Now, I’ll be upfront with you. We are setting ourselves up for a major disappointment if all we want is the finished product right away. There’s a good amount of work to get through and hurdles to jump over before we get to the destination, especially with animation. So, I have a proposition. Why don’t we act as if the project is back to square one? Like it was announced only recently? So to speak, of course. I’m sure you get the point: updates can start flowing naturally like they were supposed to years ago, starting with screenshots, evolving with videos, until it’s finally safe to announce a factual release date.

Below is a rough outline of the current progression.


Quick summary.

GAME ENGINE: This phase took place from 2013 to 2015. It’s the craziest thing I’ve done to date.
LOGIC SCRIPTS: This phase is related to the internal mechanisms of the game such as collision detection, artificial intelligence, world rendering, battle system, and so on. I’m currently writing new math functions in the 8-Bit game I’m co-producing with the investor, which will also be compatible with Eternal Eden. So this progress bar is expected to raise from this experience.
BACKGROUND GRAPHICS: Drawing background tiles is kid’s stuff to me. And my new skills with Blender make it a dead cinch. This phase is not a concern at all.
SCENARIO: The screenplay is currently the focus of extensive revisions. It’s definitely the final draft. Downey’s fate will finally be revealed.
SPRITES & ANIMATION: This phase is the reason Eternal Eden was put on the back burner most of 2016, only for learning purpose. I’m ready to tackle it.

I look forward to your comments, criticisms and questions, as always. I really think we can bring the project back to life with a new mindset.

2 thoughts on “So Near and yet so Far?

  1. I’m sorry, but you really can’t expect people to pretend it’s “back to square one” when they’ve been waiting years and years and years. At this point many people (myself included, tbh) have mostly given up hope on the game ever being released. It’s not realistic to just expect people to believe the last six or seven or however many it’s been years of disappointment didn’t happen.

    Here’s an idea. Maybe you should actually find someone to help you with the game. Maybe a few people. I know you’ve said you want to do it 100% by yourself, but it’s clear by now that that isn’t working to anyone’s benefit and I really don’t see the point of stubbornly working by yourself at this point other than to stroke your ego. I know you’ll probably come up with some excuse about why it’s best to work by yourself, but ask yourself this – what is more important, your own ego or actually finishing the game?

  2. Hey Liesel, my partnership with the investor is heading gradually toward this direction. Our goal is to build a team we can trust on a small-scale project. It’s a laborious process and the change of situation won’t be overnight. For the time being, Eternal Eden remains a one-man band. If I feel some artists/coders match the criteria I need for EE, I’ll delegate tasks to them to help complete the game.

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