With a Little Help From My Friends

Something extraordinary is happening!

An overseas online friend – who wishes to remain anonymous – is supporting me with charitable contributions, making a huge positive impact on my life. “We’ll figure out a way to pump you up before August” he said, and I quickly realized he wasn’t kidding. His first donation instantly wiped all debts from my credit cards, and “More will come”, he said.

This is not the first time he offered to support me. Around 2013 he insisted in sending a big donation, which I refused: “I can’t accept such a large amount of cash, plus Eternal Eden will be released soon anyway. It’s just a matter of patience.”

Months and years passed and I kept being staggeringly busy with game development, still not earning revenues from my hard work. When 2015 rolled in, I attempted to make a comeback with Eternal Eden steady updates, but my budget was catastrophically out of sync with my plans. Debts got out of hand and it felt like an undispellable curse. I didn’t know how in the world I could manage to deliver a complete version of Eternal Eden, or even show something with quality, without the final push I needed.

Then he – the angel – appeared and figured out a way to make me accept his donation. “Can you do me a small favor?” he asked “I need to order an item from an online store, but they’re unwilling to do the shipping to Russia. If I send you the money, would you accept to deal with the transaction and the shipping?” I agreed, but I noticed something was wrong. “You must have miscalculated the invoice,” I remarked “there’s five times the sum required.” “I know that, just keep the rest for yourself.” And he offered one of those smileys.

Folks, do you see how manipulative saints can be sometimes? I’m profoundly touched that after all these years of delays and failures – and with all those red flags set around me – someone is ready to take a huge unconditional risk with me, still remembering the bright side of my journey, not only the disasters. “A long time ago” he said, “your blog had been a source of inspiration for me and, among other incidents, it had impacted my life positively.”

So, obviously, I am not alone in my ordeal. Other generous people lighted my life from moment to moment. My real-life friends, Constantin and Stephane, were constantly baling me out of misery when I needed food; a guy named Al, which I haven’t had the occasion to talk with very often, sent 100$ twice, without me asking for donations; Brandon and his wife are always ready to support; and of course, backers of the Indiegogo campaign helped me to make a huge step forward in 2013, with the game engine. And I surely forget other names.

This latest donation, which feels like winning the jackpot, especially after the extremely bad conditions I faced for so long, is finally giving me another chance of succeeding with my objective. As a matter of fact, expect me to make a strong and durable comeback. With a little help from my friend(s), (to quote the Beatles)!

You are a blessing.

8 thoughts on “With a Little Help From My Friends

  1. What a touching story! Have you considered doing an indigogo or kickstarter campaign for your games?

  2. It’s indeed a touching story, helping me in a way you can’t even imagine, when I thought all was lost. I did an Indiegogo campaign in 2013 but it didn’t raise the hoped funds. Timing was bad and most people from the press started to announce it when the countdown ended. I didn’t dare to attempt a KickStarter campaign, but I might give it a shot when the release of Eternal Eden is set in stone in order to release physical copies of the game or release it on consoles (Nintendo, Playstation, XBox).

  3. Thank you for dropping a comment, Deanna! It’s always nice to hear from you :D

    I’m getting prepared to make a come back, I should write blog posts more often now.

  4. Feel free to drop any hints on when I should look out for the Aveyond game you have been working on. I have put aside some money for it next to my Eternal Eden money of course. :)

  5. Amanda requested I delay the game after Aveyond 4. Maybe there’s another alternative to release it sooner (like not making the game part of the Aveyond series). I’m still thinking about it.

  6. Hello Elder,
    Nice to see you back on your foot again , you’ve made me more curious about the new idea about combing both of ’em, well that’s all right and you should spend a bit more time organising your website, adding more sections and certainly incteasing your social activities.

  7. Hello Elder,
    I’m sorry I cannot help you financially. I have been in a similar situation as you, which made me drop everything. Now I work as a freelance developer. I don’t know if I can be of any help, but if you need a hand on the development process of the game, let me know. Also I have some ideas I’d love to share, which might make the game more popular.

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