The Trio is Back! (APRIL FOOL’S DAY JOKE!)

Let me say flat-out: the previous game development was too hard. So, after thoughtful consideration, and the call back to reality from my fans, I decided to take a few steps back with my game development. Back to square one, right? Eternal Eden is now being fully developed with RPG Maker VX Ace and takes full advantage of free stock assets. Nothing will be produced by me directly. It’s about time I rush everything and finish the game.

Today, I turned my attention to RPG Maker’s advanced Mugshot Generator. Phew, the options for that technology are overwhelmingly… limitless. You can literally create millions of faces with it. It took me several hours to master this tool, but the bright side is that it’s more user friendly than a program like Blender. That being said, I’m satisfied with the end results.

Without further ado, let’s me show the new artistic direction of your favorite threesome with some cool, technical behind-the-scene screenshots.



Noah is that kind of kid you can always count on. He loves to smile. A lot! There are some twists in the game, such as death scenes for instance, in which he saves the day only with the power of his joy. The character serves as a powerful metaphor: in real-life, it’s important to stay happy, no matter what.



Jean is a tall boy with a large build. He has a large tattoo of a ‘red dragon’ that covers his entire back and extends down his arms. Sadly, this detail remains unseen in the actual game because of his garb. Throughout the game, Jean’s intellectual well-being plays a huge role in keeping the party afloat. The character’s name may change for Tranze in the final version of the game.



Downey is the bad boy of the game. His passion for the ‘princess’ is apparent as he tries to intrigue her with his strength, boldness, and charismatic looks. Obviously, I tried to pinpoint these values in this artwork.

That’s all for today, dear friends! I hope you enjoyed this post. Yup, this kind of substantial update was long overdue but I’m back to it!

5 thoughts on “The Trio is Back! (APRIL FOOL’S DAY JOKE!)

  1. Is there a sequel to Eternal Eden coming out or is this a remake of the 1st Eternal Eden? I thought a few years ago a sequel was started or did I imagine what I read? lol

  2. Alert. I’ve received a few private messages showing concern about my latest blog post.





    This post was obviously an April Fool’s day joke. Let’s hope that for the sake of this project I will never lower the quality to such terrible level.

  3. If that had been posted on any other day I would have assumed you were having a breakdown or something… lol

    …those faces are seriously creepy lol

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