Quick Update. My Experience with a Team.

What’s new? We’re working on a robust artificial intelligence system alongside a Sprite Editor. We’ve also set our mind on using MonoGame for the final phase of the game development. There are three programmers on trial since March. One of them is showing a lot of promise. On my side, it takes an insane amount of energy to outline the key mechanisms of the system in the documentation. The investor is providing valuable support to describes the requirements in plain English. That’s the reason I have no time left for blogging. Just know that team work is as much labor as solitary work in so many areas. We’re still on the lookout for talented sprite artists and music composers. Hopefully, I’ll have more spare times for sharing stuff with you once all these employees are working like little bees. Fun stuff like level design should come next.

Recent game releases make me feel optimistic. Tons of fans like me have been waiting eight years for Persona 5 and thank god we can finally sink our teeth into this masterpiece. Now, a special shout-out to Zeboyd Games for releasing Cosmic Star Heroine. Make sure to support them, they’re a prime example that an indie developer can churn out a quality game with authentic efforts. Their game was crowdfunded around the same year as EE:E. They hit many snags which resulted in many failed release dates. See? I’m not the only villain out there, guys! But look at them now, their game is highly acclaimed by old-school jRPG enthusiasts. Another similar powerful success story is Stardew Valley. The developer has spent over six years on his game as a one-man band developer and has made over $30 Millions. Those releases are so inspiring, right? I intend to follow suit with Eternal Eden.

I’m wiped out! I’m going to head off to bed now (11 AM!). Till next time, folks.

3 thoughts on “Quick Update. My Experience with a Team.

  1. Your sleeping disorder is in sync with the rest of the world! Glad to hear the team thing is working out, hopefully it will make things easier in the long run. So many inspiring success stories, it’s refreshing to know everybody had the same struggles. Wish you the best!

  2. Glad to hear it’s now a team project. Coming here every few months for years and seeing little to no progress was kind of depressing.

    I really believe you’ll finally get it finished now.

    *thumbs up*

  3. Hello Elder,

    Why MonoGame and not Unity3D? Unity supports 2D now, and it is also in C#. Also, I write music (JRPG Style for games), have been programming C# for years now and am an artist too. If I can help, I would love a chance. I bought your game for my mother in 2007 or so. She loved it! But she said some of the puzzles were too tough without the walkthrough. Let me know if I can help…

    Take care and good luck,

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