Legacy of UR

In a land that was once embraced by powerful dragons, a mother, Judd, embarks on a journey with her son, Tate, to find a cure for the malignant heart disease that is threatening his life. Along the way, they meet a mighty magus known as Muph’ry, who promises to lead them to their destination; but at what cost? Together they’ll explore a world dotted with cursed forests, mysterious dungeons, ancient decaying ruins, and renowned cities. However, what awaits them is a lot more than what they can possibly imagine. Meanwhile, the Serpentine Order attempts to resurrect UR, an ancient dragon with fearsome power.


  • Compelling plot set in a fantasy world filled with magical elements.
  • Genre-leading 2D-tile-based, hand-painted graphics, pushing the limits of the RPG Maker VX Ace engine.
  • Majestic music soundtrack composed by Phil Hamilton.
  • Areas brimming with life and secrets.
  • Tons of additional side-quests for experience and loot.
  • Inspired by jrpg classics such as Breath of Fire, Ys, Lunar, Aveyond, Eternal Eden, and more.

December 2015

P.S. For the time being, watch screenshots and micro updates via my social media accounts: Instagram and Facebook.

2 thoughts on “Legacy of UR

  1. I like the graphical style I’m seeing on the Facebook screenshots, I was a big fan of Eternal Eden–looking forward to seeing more games from you!

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