Eternal Eden (PC)

Sep 17 - by Elder (admin)

Eternal Eden

Eternal Eden tells the story of three children living in paradise. Everything is provided for them with one condition: they must not eat from the forbidden tree. Unfortunately, the children give in to temptation and they are thrown into a parallel world of darkness. Can they survive to see paradise again?

Play this huge bestseller, Rated 9/10 by RPGFan. Follow the journey of three children as they try to save their universe from original sin through two parallel worlds.

• Fantastic old-school Role Playing Game (RPG /JRPG) for PC
• Travel in 2 parallel worlds like in Zelda: a Link to the Past and Chrono Cross
• Strong cast of characters
• Epic storyline
• Puzzles and mysteries to solve

Play the 5-hour long demo now!

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A remake of Eternal Eden is coming for handhelds and other platforms to celebrate its 5th anniversary!

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72 Responses to "Eternal Eden (PC)"

  1. psycolgy99
    December 21, 20089:35 am

    I found this game on and I love it! Is this game going to be released on any other sites, like Big Fish Games?

  2. Silly Hollow
    December 25, 20086:01 pm

    … This game is simply amazing!!! :D

    I’ve played a lot of RPG’s ranging from the FF series to Persona from Earthbound to Tales of Phantasia and Anachronox to KOTOR and this game is really and I mean REALLY good!! I found it on and after a couple of minuts playing the trial I was in love!

    Keep up the good work Blossomsoft and by the way.. Can’t wait to play Stellar!

  3. WarStalkeR
    December 28, 20082:11 am

    Just finished 10 minutes ago Eternal Eden…
    Wow, that was amazing!!! :)
    It’s not just amazing, it’s great, it’s epic, it’s must-play everyone!!! :)
    (Sorry, so much emotions :))
    Elder, i want to thank you for your hard work, for creating such great game!
    It’s best the Old School RPG i’ve played for the last 5 years :)
    When i started to play, i couldn’t to stop, i played 2 days without break!
    (Break was only for sleep or for eat some food for not die starving :))

    At the very end of the game (after credits) was asked to make last save…
    I didn’t understood for what? (for sequel?)
    I hope in the sequel we will meet and Downey, and a Princess too, because
    Eden without them is… er… how to say it… not full?.. :(
    And also i wish to know (but only from the sequel :D) who is that blue
    haired girl, which Noah liked from the first sight :oops:
    May we (fans :D) expect from sequel some romance between characters? :oops:
    If yes it’s will be great, not just great, it’s will be very great! :D

    And the last question :D, Did you painted all the pictures of the faces by
    your self or somebody from your team painted them? They looks amazing :)

  4. ilovegod
    December 28, 20085:50 pm


    After playing classics like Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, pretty much all the Final Fantasies and most Black Isle games, its not easy to be impressed by an rpg that doesnt have celebrity voice acting, brilliant CG cut scenes or orchestral musical numbers…

    …but somehow, its always the little guys who end up amazing you much more than the bigwigs.

    This game is rpg BLISS! Playing it evokes fond memories of Chrono Trigger with a mix of Final Fantasy VI…the characters are fleshed out very well, the music is fitting for almost all situations, and the combat is never too easy or too difficult. And the puzzles are just the right difficulty, not easy as to be solved at a glance, yet not mind bending enough to send frustration levels flying…

    And the plot continues to taunt you into thinking that you know EXACTLY what will happen next. Only to throw a (legitimately surprising and exceedingly well planned) twist when you least expect it. Mind you Ive played a few hours into the game, and Im just opened up the world map so Im not entirely sure how far I am into the game…

    I certainly hope that the big guys take note of how to make a quality, enjoyable rpg that doesnt need all the marvels of ludicrous budgeting to sell well…using something as humble as RPG Maker and putting out a truly stunning piece of gaming art is something I feel they should sit up and take note of…

    Im done ranting now…*loads up save file, resumes playing*

  5. KindredSpirit
    December 29, 20089:35 am

    I absolutely loved this game when i tried the demo (4 hours long btw, wow, really great demo will buy). Basically i think this would be an amazing game on the iphone as well because i would love to take it with me on the go. You could also release a lite edition but i recommend you make it shorter so you don’t give them a reason to keep the lite edition and not buy the full one. All in all, with on screen controls or tap function this could make an absolutely amazing RPG, and probably the only real one in the store besides chronicles of inotia and Vay (but this is more like FF which more people enjoy). If you do, i would definitely buy this game in a heartbeat, especially even for 9.99 (but i reccomend 7 or 5 dollars so more people would buy it)

    * ALL HYPOTHETICAL but still hoping thanks for the great game it got me back into JRPG’s and now im starting to play FFVII!

  6. Terzle
    January 2, 20097:43 pm

    I just wanted to say how much I am enjoying this game, albeit getting frustrated *lol*

    In the past I have come to games after a walkthrough was developed and am not great at logic puzzles, so I have suprised myself by getting as far as I have. We shall see in the future because I have got myself a little stuck again, but am trying a different route which may help me :)

    The story is good so far and I love the slang used. The pedantic in me has noticed some little mistakes in plurals and tense, but they do not detract from my enjoyment of the game play which is unusual as that has turned me off some other games.

    Thank you for all the time and energy you have put into development, it has paid off!!!


  7. fluffy
    January 3, 20092:12 am

    Thank you for the great game, I just finished da whole game ( will play it again from the start :P fiiling up my free time). Uhh cant wait the next game….

  8. GSandra32
    January 3, 20091:21 pm

    I LOVED this game. I can’t for the 2nd if it comes out.
    Best RPG I’ve played in Years :)
    Good Job to everyone who worked on it.

  9. Parallel
    January 3, 20091:55 pm


    Congrats, Elder! You’ve hit the big times now!

  10. Pragoolo
    January 3, 20093:59 pm


    Hahaha just found it. GREAT idea lol. Would’ve been nice to have Blossomsoft ring pre-lvl 99 :P

  11. mara34
    January 4, 20093:58 pm

    Finished! My opinion, if you’re interested…

    That was a really fun game. I thought the biblical allusions were pretty original, good idea incorporating Christian mythology into an RPG storyline. I usually don’t find the story in games particularily compelling, but I enjoyed this one. Even in Aveyond I’m like “yeah, yeah, yeah… I get it, you like Damion, let’s kill something!” But yeah, liked the story here. I’m glad I stuck around ’til after the credits. The whole ‘happy ending’ thing was killing me… I kept half-screaming “What about Downey!?!? Why does no one care about Downey!?!?” I actually thought when Noah recognized Reinede’s (sp?) voice that it was going to be Downey, but I suppose that would’ve been too perfect.

    My only critiques is toward the end, the boss battles seemed to get easier instead of harder. I guess I leveled up so much completing the bounty hunting and halls of rewards that I was uber-powerful. I also would’ve liked a journal function. It didn’t happen much, but once I forgot some key thing that Dogan said and wandered aimlessly for an hour or so… I also had to write down the bounty hunting locations so I didn’t have to re-visit Gideon all the time, which wasn’t hard, but, y’know. Oh, and this is super nit-picky, but Gommorah looked indoors instead of like a walled city like Ecclesia. This just bothered me in an aesthetic sense.

    Anyway, looking forward to new games and excitment.

  12. Zgame2008
    January 4, 20097:41 pm


    That was fun :ugeek:

  13. Sam512
    January 4, 200910:37 pm

    This game is perfect for an Xbox Live Arcade / WiiWare / PSN release.

    Even an Xbox Community games release at $15 ($20 is a huge turn off for people) would be HUGE!

  14. mia
    January 7, 20091:32 pm

    I really loved this game. I think that this game is one of the best RPG’s I have played in my life. I only had only one question at the ending Downey say “dont forget me” and shouts noahhhhhhhhhhhh. Then suddenly it says something like Eternal eden’s sequel is coming soon(I think so) and saves the game then a big black screen appears and nothing happens. So, is it a part of a game or is it happening only only to me?

    And Elder you have developed a wonderfull!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! game. I hope the sequels comes soon.

    Mia :) .

  15. momof4littlemen
    January 10, 200911:46 pm

    Me & my family just finished the game today. We all really loved it when anyone was playing the others would crowed around them and watch….lol You did an amazing job on this game Elder! We are looking forward to your next one… :D

  16. wyldkatrockson
    January 11, 200910:05 pm

    just finished your game and was so impressed by all your hard work. just a wonderful game thank you.can’t wait for your next one. :D peace out

  17. Auriken (from Gamefaqs)
    January 17, 20093:40 pm

    My opinion.

    Sadly, I haven’t had the time to finish the game yet, but I’d like to throw out a few thoughts.

    I LOVE RPG’s. The first JRPG game I ever played was Final Fantasy III(6) on the SNES. I LOVED the game and I’ve been addicted to RPG’s ever since. Unfortunately, my job and living conditions only allow me to own a computer. As many of you know, PC users almost always get the shaft when it comes to JRPG’s. We just don’t get them. Sure, we get games like Oblivion or Fallout 3, but I am a huge fan of turn based RPG’s that have many hours of gameplay and lots to do.

    This year I got treated to Mass Effect, which I just soaked in like a happy little gamer getting his RPG fix, but other then that I haven’t been able to play any other RPG’s besides Fallout 3. I’ve been jonesing pretty hard for another RPG and this one is certainly giving me what I need. Although I haven’t been able to put a lot of time into it, I was immediately sucked into the world, the story, and the gameplay. For an oldschool gamer like myself, this is exactly what I need.

    To the creator, I want you to know that all the time and effort put into this game was not in vain. You’ve done a great job, while also providing us PC gamers with something that not even top, big name developers are doing anymore. They’ve almost completely abandoned the PC market, and that means a lot less fun for people like myself.

    Once I finish this game I’ll look forward to the next one and buy that one as well. So far, you’ve shown me every reason why your next game is going to please my addiction just as much, if not more, than Eternal Eden. Hopefully, after releasing Eternal Eden, you won’t be starving again any time soon. Just remember, once you have a bunch of fine games under your belt, don’t ignore the PC users like most of the other developers.

    Myself and a team are currently in the process of making a website for small games like these that deserve a little more recognition. I’ll write up an official review of the game when that website is complete.

    Goodluck and have fun with your next project. ;)

  18. Lucavix (from gamefaqs)
    January 31, 20099:11 pm

    BlossomSoft, I’d like to say after… Erm… Acquiring the game and playing it through, I was happy to buy it to support you. Since it was cheap I actually bought it twice, once for myself and once for my brother, who I’m trying to get to play it through. The game was fun and cute, I loved the adorable characters and graphics, and I really had a great time playing it. If I had one complaint, it would be that the game had too much Christian stuff in it. I really look forward to your next game, and will buy it outright instead of *ahem* Acquiring it, (BTW I liked your little message a little ways through it). Maybe you can make your next game have more of a Norse or Hellenistic theme eh?

    ^^ In case my mention of christian stuff comes across wrong to a reader and turns them off to a game, I would like to clarify that this isn’t a Bible Game or anything. It’s a completely fantastic fantasy game. Without giving anything away, I’d like to make clear that this isn’t a Religious game and the way the mythology is incorporated is handled well. The Eden Tower, a Forbidden Fruit, a main character Noah, the Serpent of Persuasion, Abrahamic Mythology is in the game’s central theme but it’s definitely not a bible story or anything…

  19. ilovegod
    February 3, 200911:45 pm

    The whole religious theme was done so wonderfully well, I began to think about how you could totally pass this off as the real thing…yknow…if you set up your own church and whatnot…:P

    Seriously though, I felt that the storyline dealt with something that many game developers are just to scared (or reluctant or whatever) to touch upon without coming off as stunted (castrated is the word I would like to use actually) and otherwise half-assed. How many of you are annoyed that the depiction of a cross is a no go area? *looks half annoyed at Healing Cross from Star Ocean: First Departure*

    While the game itself cant really be considered mature, I *really* wish developers would start incorporating religious themes without being scared of backlash. Isnt that the point of artistic freedom? I want my games to show crosses while casting healing spells dammit! How on earth can you construe that as religiously bigoted??

    Oh yes, I wanted to thank Blossomsoft once more for putting out a quality product. I finished the game a few months back (a little after I posted on this board actually) and I just wanted to give my appreciation and support for such a well polished game. Its producers like yourself that make retro (J)RPG fans like myself smile with delight at the prospect of playing an RPG. Truly, the labour of your love will not go by unappreciated or unnoticed.

  20. webgrunt
    March 22, 20099:46 am

    Excellent game, fantastic support. I was saddened to hear that it took 4000 hours to produce, because that means the next one won’t be out for a few years at least. I will try to pass the word on this game so it gets more sales. Thanks for all your hard work, I hope you have phenomenal sales. :-)

  21. Niinaeth
    April 11, 20091:23 am

    Head scratching…

    So I’ve spent far too many years playing these games. Yes Im older than dirt. Started way back when the Nintendo 64 was the ‘in’ thing. And I must say this has been my favorite by far. Only one question.

    The ending? Once it was only Jean and Noah I entered the palace and got……………….nothing. Just them, no conversations, nothing. Is that the ending? Or a bug?

  22. IkimashoZ
    June 19, 20094:20 pm

    Approximately two months after downloading Eternal Eden, I have finally completed it. Wow! Everything about this game was top notch. The story was very well conceived and implemented, the pacing and plotting were spot on too. The battles were balanced. The gameplay was very involved and engaging. Excellent work, Elder! I’m looking forward to Eternal Eden 2.

  23. phoebe222
    August 19, 20097:31 pm

    Hi everyone,

    This is my first post so I had to greet everyone. I’ve just finished Eternal Eden. I liked it a lot although it has some issues mentioned by several of you in other threads. It was a bit linear, which makes it easy to follow though. I rarely got stuck. Also I felt immersed in fighting rather than the story. I like the in town maps and interactions a lot in RPG’s, in Eternal Eden you’re always on the world map when you’re in town, that felt a bit strange.

    But anyway, there were great ideas like the slide spell, and I liked the variety of puzzles. The characters were really cute and beautiful (Joelle is my favorite). The turtle and bounty hunting were really fun. I had a very nice time in 47 hours (!!!) spent on this game. I can’t even imagine how much time, effort and creativity were required to make this beautiful game. So thank you Elder Prince and all others who contributed.

    Personally I hated spending money to hard core games which requires very up to date (thus expensive) systems and to discover that I don’t like the game after having already paid the money. Then discovered the “casual game” world 4-5 years ago. At first it was exciting but now all games are like exact copies of one another with a few exceptions. Then I got to learn about old school RPG’s, through Aveyond. I’m now so happy to see other courageous and smart developers making great RPG’s. I have some experience with RPG makers and I appreciate the creativity, intelligence and patience required to make a good game with it. Also keeping in mind the army of programmers and other staff in big production companies, the end results like Eternal Eden are truly gems for me.

    Looking forward to your next game:)

  24. vidiot granny
    August 26, 20099:07 pm

    WOW!! I just finished and the entire thing was….well, just out of this world. Had to use tips a few times (thanks to everyone) and glanced over the walkthrough before going to the final battle to find any important things I may have missed along the way. I’ll be waiting on pins and needles for the next one.

    Thank you, Elder, and all of you supporting this wonderful creation.

  25. MrSlisk
    September 25, 200912:44 pm

    Hello, greeting from Sweden! I [b]just[/b] finished Eternal Eden, and I must say, it’s one of the most enjoyalble games I’ve played,
    the story is greatly done, the battle system and the puzzles; I love it!
    I’m a huge fan of the Final Fantasy and The Tomb Raider series, so this game would be those put together.

    But it somehow reminds me of Pokémon, the swimming and using skills off-battle, it’s not much, but enough for me to get such a feeling,
    and it is not bad, not at all.

    + The game size is small and the graphics isin’t so good I need to buy an external graphic card, thanks god (I want more games like this!)
    I like retro sprites, but this was better, more colorful :).

    Honestly, I could not find [b]anything[/b], bad about this game, just hope that the next one will be as good as this one, or better!
    I don’t see this as a bad thing, but a little request;
    Once I got the Shockwave attack, the game was 90% more easier, enemies went down in the first attack, was a bit boring, sure I could just not-use-it but I would not want to ignore an attack.

    Once again, Thank you, all of you!

  26. Saglam
    September 26, 20096:45 am

    Such an incredible gem to play, whoever plays this game will feel the difference of the quality in it in the very essence of the adventure ;]

  27. Silly Hollow
    September 30, 20092:20 pm

    ….Well, you guessed it! I LOVED EVERY PART OF IT!

    Lately I’ve bought A LOT of RPG Maker games ( The latest Aveyond(s), Eternal Twilight, Deadly Sin, Dawn´s Light etc etc. ) but seriously without any BS, Eternal Eden is in a class of its own!!!!

    Elder, you rock at making games and dude I can´t wait for Eternal Eden 2!!! :D

  28. Winkzy
    October 1, 20092:00 pm

    Awesome game, unfortunate impression.

    I finished EE about a week ago and was awe struck by how great this game was, kudos! I was also struck with an impression that I didn’t expect. Maybe I’m reading way too much into my observations but I thought I’d air my thoughts.

    Unfortunately the impression I got was that there’s possibly a homophobic subtext to the game (hopefully I’m wrong). The first head scratching moment that hit me was when the fairy companion Joelle says she’s married, Downey then exclaims “That’s Gross” because they both appeared female. Joelle explains they’re not a same-sex couple but it doesn’t change the disgust Downey expresses at the thought. Downey also has issues with Jean outside of their rivalry.

    Jean has effeminate qualities and as a result is constantly bullied and harassed throughout the first half of the game. He is teased by Downey and emasculated by Fiero who thinks he’s a women. This subplot culminates during a side quest when Jean cross-dresses at the strip club (donning the sexy corset).

    Finally there’s the antagonist of the story, Rishi, serpent of persuasion. We find out later this source of evil is also known as Vaghat. I’m sure there are a couple of ways to workout the pronunciation but it clearly could be pronounced as follows: Va-ghat… sounds allot like Faggot.

    Honestly I thought the back and forth between Downey and Jean added depth to the characters and had great comedic value, within a non-bias context. The only reason these observations blipped my radar at all is that the storyline of Eden is clearly a Christian allegory. Some constituents of the Christian community (mostly evangelicals) have a certain opinion of homosexuality. Many in that community feel it is an amoral choice (serpent of persuasion?) rather than genetic predisposition. I hope that I’m connecting dots that are just coincidental but I’m taking the risk of sounding foolish and broaching the subject.

    I want to repeat that I enjoyed this game immensely and I’m not attacking anyone. I’m just hoping for some clarity without the dialog getting ugly.

  29. Cerulean
    November 3, 20095:18 pm

    I (finally) finished Eternal Eden, and I have to say it is one of the more unique, interesting and original RPG’s to come out of the indie development community in quite a while.

    Playing an RPG with a storyline based on the bible is not something I have come across before and I’m sure that fact alone has been enough to put some people off (after all, religion isn’t “cool” these days), but I found the storyline and the dialogue to have real depth and quite a lot of humour. Sure, Downey has moments of being an insensitive jerk, but I’m sure we’ve all met guys like him (quite possibly several a week, depending on where you live, lol), so it was actually pretty realistic having a character making “un-pc” comments.

    The gameplay itself was also pretty different from anything I’ve played recently. As others have mentioned, that fact that you’re still on the world map, even when wandering about “town”, the turtle and bounty hunting. And come on – we get an airship!! That’s freaking awesome!!!

    I’ve read a couple of posts from people who felt that some of the characters spells/attacks were too powerful, but I have to disagree, I actually thought that this was one of the few games I’ve played that had a great balance between the power of my characters attacks and the power of the “monsters” attacks. Too many games give all the power to the monsters and as a player you have to struggle with almost every fight, which to my way of thinking isn’t much fun at all. Eternal Eden got it just about perfect, IMO.

    I also love the fact that there are no random encounters, it makes the whole game much easier to navigate when you can see where your enemies are (and avoid them if you’re running low on health and have no items to boost said health – it’s happened to us all at some stage I’m sure). Plus it means you have complete control over encounter rate (some developers get completely carried away with this and you can’t take 2 steps without being “sucked” into another battle – I’ve learned to hate the “black whooshy screen”, as I call it, in other games :evil: )

    There was 1 thing that I wasn’t crazy about though, and that was those blasted moving rocks! AAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!! I think I actually had a bald patch after doing that part. It drove me to chocolate, so Elder, I’m holding you personally and completely responsible for the extra kilo I put on that day.

    I would also have to agree with those who have mentioned the prayer/weather change thingy, as I was another of the lucky ones who missed the crest/emblem in the desert and had to go ALLLLLLLLL the way back to a much earlier save (so glad I have gaming paranoia and always make backup copies of my game saves) and do the whole thing again from there (which is a little disheartening considering how late in the game you find out you need the crest to complete your bounty hunting – yes I know it’s optional, but still, I don’t like doing a half-ass job, so I really wanted to finish everything I could). But I’m guessing this is a topic that has been done to death, so I won’t say any more about it.

    Anywho, the whole point is, I thoroughly enjoyed this game, so a big Thank You has to go to Elder for suffering through so much to see this project through to it’s completion and provide all of us with so many hours of entertainment. Even if you don’t know it, you have a ton of supporters other than those on this forum, who recommend your game very highly, whether on other forums, their own blogs or gaming portals, which is how I learned about Eternal Eden – with many saying it’s the best indie game of the year. So your efforts and sacrifices haven’t gone unnoticed and the game which resulted is a true gem, so I hope you take some satisfaction in that.

    I for one, will be lining up to purchase Eternal Eden 2 when it comes out.

  30. blu3
    November 16, 20094:57 am

    hi elder,

    How are you? I just want to drop a note sharing my thoughts of Eternal Eden. It has been a while since I last played it but it is one of the best replayable games I’ve had. And Eternal Eden has been my benchmark when comparing RPG Maker VX games (at first I didn’t even realize it is VX!). As I have experienced, lots of games follow yours, some even share very similar features but nothing so far can beat the originality of Eternal Eden. It has almost all elements in RPG games that I am looking for (quests, weapons, no extremely frustrating dungeons/battle). Maybe one of the suggestions I can give you is for characters to have more skills, quest logs and secrets which is a reward for devoted players. And one more thing, Eternal Eden is practically bug free which is very rare for RPG games (it is really upsetting when you have to keep downloading a new version of the game especially when it is very large in size!)
    I have been reading your blog too and I really wish you luck with your games and future, as I can see you are working extremely hard (from the 16 hours I can only imagine you only have time left to sleep and eat, not even a proper 8 hours sleep!). Thanks for sharing the blog with us and keep us updated.
    Have a great week ahead continuing your project ;)


  31. margatuti
    November 23, 20099:48 am

    Didn’t like having to cover every square inch of the playing field to find goodies. Would like to be able to save at will. Found the bounty hunting frustrating — didn’t like having to cover the same ground again. Found it difficult to figure out and/or remember where the bounties were — and finished the game without completing all the quests — which is highly unusual for me. But overall I did enjoy the game enough that I am looking forward to Blossomsoft’s next offering.

  32. Michelle
    December 24, 20099:34 am

    I adore this game, it’s got a great story, great gameplay and there’s enough to keep a fan of this genre amused for many many hours.

  33. Iam Maki
    January 22, 20109:36 am

    ive already finish the game…weeeeee nice ending sad because downey is really dead

  34. danimar
    March 3, 20105:30 pm

    I would like to thank you for the best game I’ve played in years. I was a fan of Aveyond, but since I discovered EE, it puts Aveyond in the shade. I enjoyed every minute of playing, and didn’t want it to end.

  35. Carney
    March 19, 20109:32 pm

    I have played this RPG. It is very good. The maps are great and characters are cool.

    I have played this game twice. It is a great RPG. I am now waiting for the second installment. Should be great as well.

  36. buprettyinpink
    April 13, 201010:42 am

    Personal Review.

    I know this game has been out quite awhile but I just now got around to playing it and here’s my personal review.

    I think that the gameplay is amazing, but the storyline is greatly lacking. The dialogue sounds slightly like something that a 3rd grader would write. I greatly recommend that for future projects the developer focus his/her energy on creating the actual game and hire an actual writer to create the story and dialogue. I don’t mean that to be a rude comment, so please don’t take it as one. I’ve seen much worse, and it was, at least, grammatically correct. I’ve seen a lot of projects like this that have a ton of potential but will never be as great as they could be because a developer chose to take the entire project on his/her shoulders.

    On a more personal note, I’m not a fan of games that push religion even if it did slightly loosen up in the middle. Please be more original with your stories. I mean, Eden and the forbidden fruit? I can’t be the only one out there who thinks that this is a horrid premise for a game. If I wanted to be lectured at, I’d go talk to my mother-in-law.

    As I previously stated, I think that the gameplay is one of the best I’ve seen in a game. The battles were programmed correctly, and not just left in the standard RMXP format. You could tell a lot of time was spent on them.

    I also think the mapping could be a little better. It was good, but I like, at least, a couple scenes in a game to really be beautiful. It seemed a little repetitive, like I was going through the same dungeon repeatedly.

    I LOVED the puzzles in this game. I’ve created a few projects in RMXP and I know how difficult it is to create a good puzzle. They did seem to be heavily boulder based, but who knows… maybe the developer just really likes boulders?

  37. Evstratyev
    June 13, 20104:06 am

    This one is really cool. But there is some annoying imbalance moments like killing bosses.Either they’re too stupid or they kill u in one blow. Sometimes it makes nervous. But of course it worth playing. U won’t regret, i assure =)

  38. lazy_titan
    June 24, 20103:29 pm

    just got the game and damn this game is good…

    as odd as it is to say because this game is so old school but its a nice bit of fresh air.

    Told other ppl about this at work and looks like 3 other looking into getting this, very well done.

  39. DeadbeatInsomni
    July 1, 20107:54 am

    Hey guys, I downloaded this game for starters and I don’t think I’ll be buying it since my personal economy really doesn’t cover anything but food, rent, electricity and internet xD if I was rich though I’d contribute to this game from what I’ve seen so far.

    I was wondering, I just played through the ”other world” and got back to the current now altered eden and did some playing with the turtlehunting (actually really funny, kudos for the idea) and gone through the cave to go to the place where the fairy is supposed to open up for you but I have realised I have missed quite a few secrets and normal stuff back in the game which may or may not be unobtainable at this point (I love games where you can clear basically everything, again kudos for the thrash monster system). Woah I am starting to get off topic xD back to the wondering part: Can I get back to the ”other” or ”future” eden and if not is there any other spot you should watch out for leaving before clearing everything? I think I will replay the game thus far since in the start I had my doubts about how far I would be willing to play but seeing after just a few hours I could really enjoy clearing this game :P I love Lufia 2 and FFV and such with the large variety of stuff you can get done if you choose (such as blue magic, dragon eggs, ancient cave, etc etc) but as many people say: these games lack the puzzles that Blossomsoft have put spread throughout the game which really makes some parts brainteasers.

    So in short: Can you return to ”future” eden, if not is there any other spot I should look out for?

  40. gameless
    July 9, 201012:28 pm

    Love the game, a few things I would’ve liked to see though.

    Hi, for starters I’ll be honest and say I downloaded the game without paying. I’m not cheap, well maybe a little in some cases but in general I am just a poor teenage parent.

    I loved this game immensely and count it amongst my favourite RPGs such as FFV and Lufia 3 etc, none of those were perfect in my view either but they made great fun.

    Now a short list of stuff I had on my mind: I liked the whole clean a dungeon and it stays clean system it creates a purpose to finish the game piece by piece and there is a final reward for killing all monsters which is also great, I wish this would have in some way applied to the random item findings (the ”!”) so that us 100 % completion nuts could make a valiant try not to use faqs.

    Also the difficulty on the first half of the game was awesome, you were locked in real life or death battle for your characters and the ”!” items were a must then you got alot of secondary ways of healing which simplified things but still didn’t make everything too easy yet but once you got a few of the special attacks in combo with your ever-growing supply of mana potions it was almost like cheating a little, I started to miss the earlier game after I had been at this part a while. The mini-games held the game up way high still and some of the bounty hunt challenges and side dungeons were still difficult but it felt as the main story had gotten pushed over a little at that part so that it was more following the story and a lot less combat difficulties. But the same goes for most RPGs once you reach a certain point only the insane bosses remain to put up a fight. Perhaps it might’ve been that once you had gotten used to the paniced hunt for survival items in the start made it feel too easy even though it might have gone to what some would call normal.

    Also it might just be me but I thought I missed a little of the subtle hints you should get from some random NPC to go to a place or do a thing outside the main line of events and perhaps some immense challenge that returned the difficulty on a long difficult sidequest (like the 100 floor caves on lufia, though they mostly consume time, or hidden legendary bosses in harsh lands etcetc). I also thought the high tempo was great and made for a lot of different backgrounds and getting to know the characters fast but it somehow made the end come a bit too soon aswell.

    Now I feel like I am ranting a little but halfway in the game I felt so impressed I was locked at my computer and then it went down to normal for the larger part of the game.

    Looking forward to Eternal Eden 2 though :P I hope it will have the same amazing overall gameplay as the first half of this game and a proper finale with a lot of insane challenges to add outside the main quest.

  41. Cassiopeia
    August 17, 20106:56 am

    What an AMAZING game!!!!!
    I’m new to this forum and I simply HAD to register here, just to tell the world how much I loved this game.
    I started playing RPGs about a year ago. My first one was Aveyond and I became addicted to this kind of games from the first moment on. Since then I played all the Aveyonds, Millennium, 3 Stars of Destiny, Laxius Power, Laxius Force and Asguaard.
    Some time ago I found Eternal Eden on the Aldorlea site and thought I could give it a try. And hey, it was really worth it!!!!!!!! I think I can honestly say this one was my absolute number one! I still love all the other ones, especially Aveyond and LF, but Eternal Eden was so different. Firstly I prefer seeing the enemies to random encounter games. So this was a big bonus from the very beginning. But what really excited me were all these various puzzles to open doors and get to new areas. Everything in this game is extremely creative. Also the story is really great.
    And my absolute favorite in this game: turtle hunting!!! :lol: I LOVED this. I think I annoyed my sister pretty much by permanently telling her about some new turtles I found. This was such a cute mini game!
    Also the graphics must be mentioned. They are simply great. The only thing that confused me was that the world maps repeat themselves. Took me some time to get used to it.

    In summary: I really, really, really enjoyed this game and can’t wait until part two is released! A big THANK YOU to Elder!

  42. battwoman
    November 1, 20106:02 am

    Had a blast playing EE, can’t wait for EE2, minus those coin puzzles :)
    Elder, thanks for being a responsive and creative game creator. Now get to work, so I can play some more …please!

    By the way, gave it an excellent write-up :)

    Thanks again


  43. yannes
    November 25, 20109:50 am

    the storyline stays pretty linear, and I hate the feeling you get when you enter a city (like in aveyond), but now the houses ,are in world map (detail). But I like the sidequests like bountyhunting and turtle racing, and the characters have realistic personalities

  44. RPGod123
    February 23, 20111:37 pm

    So far one of the best games ever! I never heard of a RPG maker until now. This is an engrossing, deep game. I might second guess the battle system. It’s exactly like the battle system for Aveyond. Gaming is where I use most of my time. It’s really excites me when I stumble along a near perfect game like this one. Thank you to the creators of this game!!!!!!!!

  45. yuriiyy
    May 31, 20113:51 am

    Actually, this game is great! I loved the characters! But why I can’t finished it? It’s too hard for me, maybe…

  46. ZeroZaraki
    July 28, 20112:27 pm

    I love the Story It’s just great i’ve play the game about 40 time (aka completed it) and somehow it still gives me the chills about what’s gonna happen next. it has been around a year since i completed it the first time and im really hoping for the second game to come out soon i must have it!!

    ***** for story
    ***** for the thought of this game
    ***** just caus i want to give them to Blossomsoft.

    Great jop

  47. JRPG (from gamefaqs)
    September 22, 20116:12 am

    I love rpg’s and have played nearly every single one out there…but games these days lack substance or fun puzzles. I cannot believe I only just heard of this game…

    Eternal Eden is what I have been craving and my hat goes off to Elder and the Staff of Blossomsoft.

    I look forward to your new titles and your success in the gaming industry.

  48. johnboy412000
    January 3, 20124:08 am

    Just finished Eternal Eden 1 and wow im blown away by a fantastic game. Some of the fights were tough and the last few were too easy.The puzzles had me scratching the old grey matter.Thank goodness for the walkthrough.I didnt manage to find the last monster cos i failed to get both parts of the Sagrada Crest.And i missed 1 Things that ugrades in the wasnt able to get the last upgrade to that weapon.Never mind i finished the game and whens the 2nd one gunna come out.I love follow up versions.Come on Elder please make a 2nd version.

  49. Ray L.
    May 20, 20127:42 pm

    Got the demo and so far it is really good! Im a tactical turn based lover by heart but I tried this and it is really good! The story is really strong, I like the dialog! If you have or ever think about a tactical turn based fantasy then I AM THERE! Good job!

  50. Sylo
    May 23, 20129:57 am

    RPGMakerVX!! What a game this was! It had about 20 hours of gameplay. Its also one of the first RPGMakerVX games to make money from its production :)

  51. Sigmund Shen (from Facebook)
    June 21, 20126:14 am

    OMG I just started the demo — 2 hours went by like nothing! I had to force myself to stop playing. Nice work!

  52. gabrielfranco
    July 3, 20128:29 pm

    Finished the game yesterday night after playing for almost 1 week.
    At first, the game seemed just cool enough to kill some time with nice “old school” battle mechanics, but by the time the demo was over I was craving for more! What’s more, I bought the game and was advancing, as it grew even more addictive. Near the end of the game, when everything is explained I was surprised by such an angrossing story and just couldn’t put it down. I am surely going for the sequels as soon as they come out.
    I gotta say. Great job!!!! The game was terrific!!!!

  53. Schizo
    July 5, 20129:24 am

    Hey Elder…hehe~~
    I just want to give you lots and LOTS of compliments for making this game (Eternal Eden) so freakin’ wonderful!! Anyway, I just want to express my ‘feelings’ regarding the ending for this series….why would Downey be forgotten?? I mean like, isn’t he’s the one who’s been with Noah all the time? Even this ‘Downey’s Beret’ was contained until the very end…it’s a little weird for Noah to forget ‘that’ kind of friend…I mean, they’ve been together for so long in that projectory world…the ending was a happy ending indeed but still I can’t help but to feel a little disappointed with Downey being ‘lost’ forever. Hence, for this reasons, I really hope that there will be a sequel just to explain whatever happens to Downey…who knows?? Maybe he should be living in the invisible world along with the princess…afterall, Downey haven’t gone that bad right? (^_^)….no one hates him anyway. At least that’s what Noah should do to a long lost friend : Give them a memory….Downey kinda deserve it, no?

    one more thing, thanks for such a wonderful game and amazing story plot (^_^)…luv ‘cha

  54. carlo
    August 9, 20125:04 pm

    can sombody help me T_T i want to finish this game badly ..
    can you tell where can i find the 2nd sagrada crest. thanks

    and to elder this is a great game and please make more new rpg games like this :) or make a second and third part :)

    fighting! :)

  55. Bishop Rienholdt
    August 13, 20122:43 am

    This seems to be a very interesting game. I like its story. I will download it soon. Thanks for featuring this.

  56. Sanggameboy
    September 9, 20121:07 pm

    Really like 2D RPG games :D
    Nice work ;)

  57. Belinda
    October 27, 20121:40 pm

    Went on Amaranth just now, and realized, I had never played EE2!! After playing EE many, many years ago, I have been checking in (and silently stalking) once in a while to see if it’s been released. So after some googling, I was surprised to see it was still under development! Gee Whiz!
    But honestly I’m a little confused. Is EE:E the same as EE2? Because you’ve referred to both of them.
    And more importantly, I’m still very much eagerly awaiting the release! I remember enjoying the first one immensely, and I’m about to go re-buy it! (it was dl-ed on many a laptops ago). Still remember the blossomsoft bracelet (or is it a ring)? oh well, off to relive the wonders!! Hats of to you Elder! : )

  58. Lockhart
    December 7, 20125:40 pm

    Have to agree with you all, a Definate must play. I have a bunch of these games..3 stars of destiny,Asguuaard, Eternal Eden and more.
    I am looking for a specific’s set up like Eternal Eden character wise. Description: You start out( a boy ) and join with a cocky annoying Girl in a deserted town with ghosts n stuff. Everyones missing. It’s an RPG, like this one. Blossom, If you can think of the name I’d appreciate it.. Awesome game here..Thanks.

  59. Citpoc
    December 20, 20124:43 am

    Dear Elder.
    Thank you for you dedication to this piece of work and i must say, so far…it’s really good! (only played the demo yet). I really like the concept of it all! Challenging battles, rewards by exploring. You’re a great storyteller aswell. It’s been long since i found an RPG that has an intresting story like this one. I’m looking forward to play the rest! :)

  60. Eternal Eden: Ecclesia announced, available for pre-order @
    January 10, 20139:47 pm

    […] has it that Blossomsoft, creators of the RPG Maker jRPG Eternal Eden, are hard at work on a follow up by the name of Eternal Eden: Ecclesia with much, much nicer […]

  61. Epic RPG To Be Had With Eternal Eden: Ecclesia, Now Up For Pre-Order
    January 11, 201312:51 pm

    […] Those who know the name should remember their last RPG serving in the form of the praiseworthy Eternal Eden. Which is supposed to be coming to the Nintendo 3DS as was announced a year ago, but no word on […]

  62. Kommt das RPG Eternal Eden- Ecclesia für die Ouya? Backers auf Indiegogo gesucht - Ouyawelt : Ouyawelt
    January 13, 20131:14 pm

    […] könnt auch die 5-stündige Demo des ersten Spiels [hier] anspielen. Das erste Spiel wurde im Jahr 2008 veröffentlicht, die bevorstehende Fortsetzung wird […]

  63. Siryoda
    May 26, 20139:55 pm

    How long till i get my copy after buying the second one?

  64. Elder
    May 27, 201312:36 am

    Hi Siryoda, I’ve emailed you at the address you used to pre-order the game.

  65. EternalSnow
    March 4, 20147:55 pm

    Hey elder,

    I just brought the game and I’m loving it. I’m at Jericcho’s Tomb and for some reason I can’t walk to the chests in the treasure hall… Is there a problem or glitch in the game?

  66. Elder
    March 6, 20147:02 pm

    There are two floors in Jerricho Tomb, make sure you’ve cleared all monster on both of them. Make sure you find the jumping ability to access certain treasure chests.

  67. SEDX
    May 20, 201410:56 am

    I need help when you reach for VELVET CASTLE Error occurs depends on the movement of personal and head to the right and stop the movement after
    I tried to solve the problem but I can not
    please help

  68. Elder
    May 27, 20141:56 am

    Hey SEDX, send me an email, it will be easier for me to assist you :)

  69. Sirzechs
    June 1, 20146:12 pm

    Just wondering how long is this game to complete doing everything the game has to offer?

  70. Elder
    June 1, 20148:18 pm

    It depends of each gamer, I would say an average of 20 hours, the game doesn’t have random encounters and troops don’t reappear once defeated, so it’s real playtime instead of fillers.

    Some completionist gamers spent more than 30 hours on the game.

  71. wow gold
    December 11, 20146:01 pm

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  72. arturomadejski
    December 16, 201410:56 pm

    Hej wszystkim :)

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