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There’s a burning question that a lot of followers keep asking me: “When will Eternal Eden be released?” The inevitable answer is: as soon as my game engine makes it possible. As luck would have it, I hit a major milestone lately, and it’s thanks to my improved situation [read more about that fascinating story].


The Blossom Engine is the core technology of my exclusive 2D game projects, and frankly I don’t see how Eternal Eden could see day of light without its crucial features. The development began around 2012 and the prototype evolved quite rapidly. When version 1.0 was finished during 2013, I still had so much to do to give my games a higher level of depth than seen in most tile-based 2D RPGs.

Building a game engine is both exciting and rewarding but it is also full of challenges; an adventure into the unknown. The level of commitment is often underestimated by both the developer and his followers. Development became extremely daunting for me when I got myself in a severe financial jam that lasted for over a year, during which I was diverted away from my main duty. Luckily, I’ve been strong enough to get back and I’m still looking forward to deliver games with a higher level of quality.


I’m presently working my way through three main completion status: Game Engine, Eternal Eden and Legacy of UR.

In all honesty, Eternal Eden can’t be a holiday release. As I said, the game wholly relies on my game engine and I need more time, considering that my life situation just recently shifted from terrible to awesome. If I don’t find myself stuck in another financial jam, the game may be released within the first half of 2016.

That’s why the nearest release, Legacy of UR, must be as fruitful as possible to allow a smooth development. The game is scheduled for beginning of December. I’ve updated my techniques to push the graphical limits of RPG Maker VX Ace to its fullest, despite its limitations. The game will feel absolutely majestic; a throwback to the old days of gaming.


I’ve received much feedback in the last months, with mixed feelings from the fans. I apologize again for the atrocious delays and the confusion. It wasn’t due to laziness or fraudulent purposes. Life circumstances are simply beyond our control, I guess. On the bright side, I really appreciated you sending me tons of positive thoughts. As a striving game developer, I certainly need the encouragement!

Well, stay in the loop for new updates!


3 thoughts on “Eternal Eden & Game Engine ETA

  1. Oh man, I remember when I was a young chick and first played Eternal Eden. I was stuck in the vacation from hell (rained every day, A/C broken, only toilet clogged). By some grace from the cosmos I had managed to load Eternal Eden on my itsy bitsy EEEpc and stick it in my backpack before embarking and was able to escape the aformentioned reality and dive deep into Eden. It was the only beacon of joy while I was held captive until we gave up and escaped 3 days early, leaving our vacation rental deposit behind.

    Fast forward to 7 years later, my then-boyfriend and I have married (already 4 years!) and this post reminded me that he has yet to play the first game. Should I advise him to break out my still-working EEEpc and experience the game as I had or should he hold out for the reboot (which I CANNOT wait to play)?

    Keep fighting the good fight, I expect to pack the next chapter of Eternal Eden with me just in case I get thrown into another vacation of doom.

  2. Thank you very much for your nice comment. I’m always glad to hear people still remember my game as part of their good memories. I hope you will enjoy the game again.

    The reboot will be largely improved imo, but I suppose the old version may play a better nostalgic role in sharing your experience with your husband.

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