DesktopOK by SoftwareOK

I ran into an infuriating issue with Windows 10 today—courtesy of Microsoft’s unpredictable updates! My desktop icons kept resetting on the left side of the screen every time the display resolution changed. My customized desktop layout plays a far too central role in my project management habits for me to undergo this kind of trouble. I scoured through forums to come up with a fix and I stumbled across this fantastic tool. So I thought I’d go ahead and share it with everyone.


I stumbled upon this wonderful concept and thought some of you might like it. It’s called IndieBox. Every month they ship a bunch of games and goodies to subscribers’ door. It’s the perfect gift for gamers and collectors. I’ll keep them in mind for my upcoming release.

Huzza! After losing my domain name by accident a few years ago, Gamezopher is finally back to me for only twenty bucks instead of five hundred.

Aseprite, Sprite Editor

I’ve purchased Aseprite for 0.02533 BTC. It’s an animated sprite editor that I highly recommend. I used the free open-source edition before, which has been superseded, but I’d say it’s worth the investment.